Happy Monday!

I saw this quote today and I was reminded of the talk I listened to from Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love).  She was talking about Fear and how often we are encouraged to eliminate it. How often do you see slogans / ‘inspirational quotes’ out there saying ‘kick fear in the butt’, ‘get rid of fear’, ‘be fearless’.

Fear, as with all our emotions, are there for a reason, and unfortunately, along with Anger, it gets a really bad rap. Fear is there to protect us. It’s job is to stop us from doing things that might harm ourselves or those we love. Like running across a busy road, or eating food that smells rancid, or not getting a lift with a stranger. Yep, that’s Fear working its magic. Fear can rear it’s head in the most unhelpful of situations. Like stopping us from wearing a killer outfit because we’re scared of judgement; or not joining in a team sport because we’re afraid we might not fit in. Fear causes us to procrastinate, ruminate, worry and over think. I am sure you can list several times, Fear has just been a pain the arse and stopped you from taking that vital step forward in your life.

As much as we might not like it, Fear is necessary, trying to get rid of it, is impossible. And like Liz Gilbert said, the only people she has met, that have no Fear are psychopaths.

So let Fear in, it can have a voice. Just don’t allow it to make decisions or stop you from doing something that might make your heart sing. Let Courage take the driver’s seat for a while!


L x

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