160924-newtown-hair-cut-7I haven been going to the same hairdresser for years, 9 years to be exact. She knows my hair, She knows me. We collaborate to create new hairstyles. I am always up for anything too, so I would say I am a dream client. I have gone from long hair (past my shoulders) to almost shaved and everything in between. My hairdresser is my sound board for everything going on in my life, she probably knows me better than most, we just have that relationship (plus seeing her every 5 weeks for 9 years, yep, short hair is high maintenance, you can’t help but form a close relationship).

Recently, she’s cut down her hours and doesn’t work evenings, plus I moved away from the area, getting my hair cut started to become a bit of a chore, and because she’s super popular, I have to book 5 appointments in advance, just to get in on a Saturday. I would consider myself an organised person, but it’s hard to commit to so many advance appointments

So I decided I would try a barber. First up, was one of those places that you just form a queue and wait your turn, like a conveyor belt. You don’t even get a hair wash and a massage at the basin, just a squirt of water here and there, and there’s no talking, which is possibly a blessing, because I don’t want to talk about what I am doing / or not doing that night. Are hairdressers taught how not to make small talk at college?

Standing in that queue, I felt my heart racing, sweating palms, seriously so much anxiety running through my body, just for a haircut, it sounds so silly in hindsight, but my hair is so much part of my identity, I was freaking out. In the end, the haircut was ok, nothing amazing but not a complete mess. Baby steps.

Yesterday, I went to another barbers, less of the conveyor belt feel, the place was decked out typical hipster style. I went for a more styled look this time, with a zero shave, blended up into my quiff, which is making a comeback, by the way.

Sometimes change is good, it shakes things up, and once you start to make tiny steps, it’s easier to make leaps.


L x

Before the chop and feeling excited
A step in the right direction, I hope

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