I was recently sitting at my desk, thinking about what blog to write next, I have so many thoughts and ideas, that can often feel overwhelming and chaotic. So I decided to sit still for a while, and focus on my breath as I have learnt that sometimes, it’s better to distract myself when my mind is racing from one thing to another. I opened Instagram (And what better way to distract, hey?), and in my feed, this quote pops up … I actually felt a huge whoosh in my body, and this is what it said:


The universe is constantly sending us signs, and often we are ‘too busy’ to see them. We are too scared that if we stop, and just be, that we might miss out, but actually the opposite is true, if we stop and open ourselves up to the universe, we might just see or feel something that changes our day or our life.

Be still, be quiet, be present, everyday and maybe you might just see the signs


L xx


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