This is probably The Best & Easiest Chocolate you will ever make

Chocolate loversThis post has everything to do with looking after yourself. And I just had to share it with you all …

I whip these chocolates up in about 5 mins, and then place them in the freezer for 15 mins to set. They are refined-sugar free and filled with goodness, of course, try not eat them all at once, if you can help it.

I don’t use exact measurements, and fiddle around with the consistency. As long as it’s runny enough to be poured into the moulds then that’s good enough. I use silicon moulds, so once the chocolate is set, they’re easy to pop out. The chocolate moulds are about a tablespoon in size. I gently heat the mixture on the stove, and try not let it boil, you just want to it to meld together. Microwaves tend to dry it out and burn the mixture, so avoid!

You will need

Basic Chocolate recipe:

About 1 cup of nut butter (I use cashew or almond or a combination of Almond Brazil Cashew. I personally don’t like peanut butter but you might)

1/3 cup of coconut oil

1 tbs of rice malt syrup (I like my chocolates quite bitter, plus the nut butter tends to be quite sweet, so start with a small amount and add until you get the desired taste)

¼ cup cacao powder (not cocoa powder as this it too processed)

Pinch of Himalayan salt (optional)

1 tsp of ground cinnamon

1 tbs of chia seeds (optional)


Add all ingredients to a small pot on a low heat and stir, you want the consistency to be runny. Try not let the mixture boil, just gently heat (and only until it’s all combined)

I don’t have a spout on my pot so I pour it all into my measuring jug and then pour it into the moulds. Pop in the freezer and Voila!

For extra yummy goodness try adding any of these to each mould:

A combo of a pistachio and a goji berry

A cashew / macadamia nut

You could also stir through the mixture; buckwheat grouts, desiccated coconut, organic seed mix. Seriously, there are loads of options.  If you try any other combos, let me know in the comments, would love to hear what else could work.

Be warned, these aren’t stable enough to leave out and should be eaten straight from the freezer.


L xx


5 comments on “Love Chocolate? Duh, silly question”

  1. I went and made this recipe but read right over the part about the cooking, lol. That might help it not to melt in my hands in an instant maybe. And I just eye-balled the measurements. The mix was yummy! However, I was most curious to try rice syrup as we prefer tastes that are less sweet and I don’t like the tastes like stevia. I’m going to look out for other recipes with this sweetener

    • Hi Theresa, yes, it’s not stable if you leave it out of the fridge / freezer, due to there being no artificial ingredients. I probably should’ve said that in the recipe. Whoops, apologies. Rice Malt syrup is great as an alternative to other sweeteners (especially stevia, which I hate too), as it’s got no fructose in it, the culprit for weight gain and sugar addiction. I can look for other recipes for you if you like, as I use it quite a lot instead of sugar or honey. x

  2. I’d be interested in other recipes using the syrup. We are not big on sugar, what we have is for the occassion visitor, or the very rare time I might make picklets or scones. We’re trying to cut right back on processed foods too.

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