It’s been ages since I posted. I have been busy with my new blog up and it’s had a major facelift. You will have noticed that there’s been a name change, you can read about why here and a new direction for Lez in Fashion.

I am sure, as with most of you, this time of year always gets us thinking about what gifts to buy, and who to buy for. It’s a pretty stressful time of year, as there’s a lot of pressure, that’s shoved in our faces (from October), about how much to spend and on who, every store has ‘the perfect gift’. And I am pretty sick of buying into the whole thing.

I asked my 12 year old, a few months back about what he wanted for Christmas. He’s at a particularly difficult age to buy for, as most of his interests are technology based, and he has all of those things covered. I told him that I had decided that this year, my gift to him (and me) would be an experience, not a physical gift. Because, to me, this gift will hopefully keep giving, memories made and in the end a deeper connection. My mission was to find a holiday, that would be financially viable, definitely giving back to a wider community, as well as relaxing, a bit challenging and most of all filled with fun. Thankfully, I am resourceful when I put my mind to it and came across a retreat called the Krishna Village, you can check it out here . Set in the rural parts of the Northern Rivers region, about an hour’s drive from Byron Bay. It ticked all the boxes, not only is it in one of my favourite places in the world, there is yoga and meditation everyday. It’s a type of retreat they call Karma Yoga, which is about giving back. In exchange for a reduced payment for accommodation and food, we are asked to work for 20 hours a week. ‘Work’ consists of helping out on the farm, milking the cows, and any chores that need doing, and probably working in the kitchen. Oscar and I have joked about going on holiday to work, but I think he gets it.

This holiday will enable us to be together, have a well-needed break and experience something completely different, plus we are giving back. We leave this coming Monday and will stay at the farm for 2 weeks and then we head to Byron for a week in an Airbnb shack.

There won’t be much phone signal for those 2 weeks and there’s definitely no wifi. Whaaat? Even I feel anxious about that. But I really feel, that in order to feel more connected, we need to disconnect from all the usual means of connection, if that makes sense.

I will definitely be sharing this journey with you all, even if that means sitting in a MacDonald’s using their free wifi, while Oscar gets his dose of meat…did I mention that the Krishna Village is strictly vegetarian (sorry Oscar).

I wish you all a happy festive season with your loved ones, and remember it’s not about things, it’s about experiences, that will last a lifetime.


L x




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  1. Sounds like an amazingly good getaway. Its a good thing to disconnect and reconnect. You’ll have to tell me about the work. We’re feeding the cattle at this time of year and my visiting daughter gets a buzz out of driving around the paddock taking a million selfies with the beasts up close in the background. Have a happy holiday.

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