Breakfast Smoothie

Mmmmm, breakfast smoothie, get in my belly

What do you have for breakfast? I love a breakfast smoothie. Why? They fill me up for a couple of hours (I am a snacker), they pack a punch in the superfood department, they’re versatile i.e. you can add a load of different things to them and it’s great way to get a couple of cups of veg into your body in the morning. And it’s a lot better for you that sugar laden cereals and muesli’s, convinced?

What you’ll need:

250-300mls of milk (nut milk or coconut milk works best)

1 frozen banana (or a banana and few cubes of ice)

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp tahini

1 tsp maca

1 tbs LSA (linseed, sunflower and almond)

1 tsp chia seeds

2 cups of baby spinach

1/4 avocado (gives it a lovely creamy texture, plus it’s healthy fat)

handful of raw cashews / almonds / macadamia

And then?

Put it all in a blender and blend it baby!

Pour in to a cute cup with a stripey straw (optional)

I sometimes (actually often) add 1/2 of turmeric (I am turmeric addict) for that extra gut healing anti-inflammatory component, or you can add 1 tsp of grated ginger, maybe vanilla powder. See what I mean about it being a superfood powerhouse?

Let me know what you think!


L x

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