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My mission

Is to create a community of women, connect with and empower each other to live a passion-filled life. Through the women’s circle, we will share knowledge, create rituals, take inspired action, bring about change, all the while encouraging and supporting each other in a safe environment.

My vision

Is to provide an uplifting environment for women. During our time together, we will meditate, move (this might include naked dancing #kiddingnotkidding), set intentions, create meaningful rituals (that’ll be a secret until you join), nibble on wholesome and nourishing treats (which will be provided). Each circle, we will focus on a new theme to unleash the wild woman in you. The most important part of this women’s circle is that we feel supported and heard during our time together. You will feel nurtured, comforted and understood.

Your Why

Are you longing to have deep and meaningful conversations with like-minded women who just get it? Do you ever feel like you are alone on a soul-centred journey, and unable to find a tribe of women that you can connect with and count on? Would you like to listen to other women’s inspiring stories and share your own? Would you like to discover information that has been hiding deep within you?

If this sounds like something that you are feeling drawn to

There are weekly and monthly circles, depending on your availability

Get in touch with me ~  Lesley@pursuingkindness.com.au

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I look forward to connecting with you


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