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So, you want to find out more about The Soul Circle?

My mission

Is to create a community of women, connect with and empower each other to live a passion-filled life. Through the women’s circle, we will share knowledge, create rituals, take inspired action, bring about change, all the while encouraging and supporting each other in a safe environment.

My vision

Is for each circle, to have up to 15 women, connect on a monthly basis. During our time together, we will meditate, do a few stretches, set intentions, create meaningful rituals (that’ll be a secret until you join), nibble on wholesome and nourishing treats (which will be provided on the day). Each session, we will focus on a new topic and will include things like, how to live a life of passion, how to bring joy into our lives, tips on eating more healthily, what inspiring book to read and so on. The most important part of this women’s circle is that we feel supported and heard during our time together and the ways in which we connect and contribute with each other. I will also create a private Facebook group, so we can continue to connect with each other at other times.

Your Why

Do you ever feel like you are alone on a soul-centred journey, and unable to find a tribe of women that you can connect with and count on? Are you longing to have deep and meaningful conversations with like-minded women who just get it? Do you get a bit excited about all things woo woo and you don’t have anyone to share it with? Would you like to listen to other women’s inspiring stories and share your own?

Does this sound like something that you are feeling drawn to? If so, I would love to connect with you!

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